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December 20, 2013

Deep Yakitori Restaurant, Tonton@Ginza, Tokyo

Yakitori is a popular Japanese dish for foreign tourists. Of course Japanese likes Yakitori very much!! So there are many Yakitori restaurants in Tokyo. Today I want to introduce deep Yakitori restaurants in Ginza.
If you go to Shinbashi station from Yurakucho station on foot, you can see some deep yakitori restaurants under the elevated structure. Tonton (登運とん) is one of the restaurants among them.
Tourists are familiar with the name of Yakitori, yakitori means Japanese style grilled chicken. However most of reasonable yakitori restaurants also serves grilled pork, Yaki-ton (焼きとん). Yaki means grill and ton means pork. Actually this restaurant name, Tonton (登運とん), means luckily pork.

This restaurant's recommendation is Yakiton(焼きとん) which is grilled viscera of hog such as heart and liver. You can choose grilled them flavored with tare or salts. But I recommend tare (Japanese teriyaki sauce) .

Gyu-motsu-nikomi (牛もつ煮込み) is also popular dish of this restaurants. This is Japanese style beef giblets stew flavored with Miso. Konnyaku is boiled with beef giblets.

If you want to eat grilled chicken, I recommend Tsukune (つくね) to you. This is grilled chicken bowl. It is said that tsukune is the important dish in Yakitori restaurant because normally it is made by hands so the taste is subject to the skill of chef.
I like egg plants so always order Nasu-yaki (なす焼き, grilled egg plants) or Nasu-miso (なす味噌, grilled egg plants with miso)
 Tontoro ponzu (豚トロぽん酢) is nice for a starter. This is boiled and cold pork with mustard and vinegar sauce. 
The menu of Tonton.

You can eat good dishes with deep Japanese atmosphere.

1. If you order grilled dish, you can choose flavor, tare (teriyaki sauce) or sio (salt).
2. Tonton is very crowded at dinner time. So I recommend you to go Mutsumi before 17:00 (can't reserve your table).
3. If the tables are fulled, there are some similar restaurants around Tonton.
4. Tonton don't serve Rice, noodle or bread. So it is better to move different restaurants to eat rice or noodle after eating Yaki-ton.
5. Ordinarily, it is nessesary to order one drink such as beer or Japanese sake. If you can't drink alcohol , you can order water(Mizu) or cold oolong tea (ウーロン茶).

How was the article? If the article is useful to you, please give me some comments to it and good suggestion for my English improvement .

See ya.

P.S. Probably my English is not so good because I've been learning English. Please give me some latitude.

Tonton (登運とん)
Detailed information
Address: 2-1-10, Yurakucho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.
Open hours: 11:30-L.O.23:0
Closed: Year-end and  new year holiday.
Budget: JPY 2000-4000
Credit card: No, only cash
Access: on foot from Yurakucho station (10 min, JR line)

Recommended and Keywords: Tori (grilled chicken, とり), Meibutsu-tsukune (grilled chcken bowl, 名物つくね), Sunagimo (grilled gizzard, 砂肝), Yagen-nankotsu(grilled cartilage , やげんなんこつ), Tori-kawa (grilled chicken skin), Motsuyaki-moriawase (mix grilled pork visera), Hatsu (grilled pork heart, ハツ), Revar (grilled pork liver), Tongue (grilled pork tongue , タン), Tomato sour (special tomato cocktail , トマトサワー), Ryokucya-high (green tea cooktail, 緑茶ハイ), Edamame (boiled green beans, 枝豆), Potato salad (Japanese potato salad, ポテトサラダ), Atsuage (firied and grilled tofu, 厚揚焼き)

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